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Help us petition the Indonesian tech company Tokopedia to use renewable energy (like solar and wind) and go green by 2030! Your voice will help us send a powerful message to Tokopedia by asking them to take immediate climate action and set an example for the future. Our goal is to gather 2030 petitions. Help us protect our planet! #kpop4planet

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Subject: K-pop fans ask Tokopedia to commit to 100% renewable energy use by 2030

Dear William Tanuwijaya

This email is being written to you on behalf of Kpop4Planet. Recently, Tokopedia partnered with BTS and BlackPink to be brand ambassadors and is now able to use these K-Pop stars’ content everyday - this makes us really happy! It has also put Tokopedia in the spotlight, not just in Indonesia, but across the globe.

Kpop4Planet is a representative body of K-Pop fans that are dedicated to the fight against climate change and we also care deeply about the planet.

In support of our idols and groups that are now working with Tokopedia, we are now asking you and your company to take into account the state of the planet and climate crisis in a serious manner.

Tokopedia's data centers that keep your operation running use up massive amounts of electricity that are mostly sourced from fossil fuel emitting sources like coal and gas. Tokopedia is also one of the most popular tech firms in the world that has not committed to a clean energy pledge. Amazon, Google, Apple, and Netflix have all publicly pledged to get their electricity from clean energy sources by 2030. Some are going further and becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Even Gojek, Tokopedia’s main rival has also begun to reduce carbon emissions in their delivery service and operations.

As K-Pop fans that care deeply about the planet, we want to live on a healthy and fair planet where we don't have to worry about things like climate change. This goal starts with companies like Tokopedia making responsible decisions about where their electricity comes from, so your data centers are not spewing out tons of carbon dioxide everyday.

We are asking you to publicly pledge to sourcing all your electricity from clean energy sources by 2030. This would set a wonderful example in Indonesia and Southeast Asia as a whole and place Tokopedia in a unique position amongst other e-commerce and tech firms who have already pledged to support renewable energy.

We are also requesting that Tokopedia disclose its carbon footprint to the public and establish a long-term decarbonisation plan in accordance with international standards such as the Paris Agreement.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this important message and we hope that you and Tokopedia can join us on a journey to creating a better planet for all.

Kind regards,




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Who is Kpop4Planet?

Kpop4Planet is a digital platform made by K-Pop fans with a mission to protect the Earth. Our official website is and we are also active on Twitter and Instagram, where different K-Pop fandoms gather to discuss their love for K-Pop, the planet and what we can do to support and protect what we love. Tokopedia 4 Bumi* is the first climate justice campaign in an annual series of events. *Bumi means The Earth in Indonesian

What is Tokopedia?

Tokopedia is Indonesia's version of Amazon and it is fast becoming the largest e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. They were pioneers in the Indonesian e-commerce market and they have seen rapid growth in the last 5 years which surely means a significant increase in their electricity use. It is important to remember that in Indonesia more than 87% of electricity comes from fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil. Therefore, Tokopedia’s rapid growth is potentially harming the planet because virtually all of its electricity currently comes from fossil fuels. But this can change! Tokopedia can make a pledge to source their electricity from clean sources. Tokopedia can lead by example by making a positive shift in how it and Indonesia gets its electricity. Creating a greener Indonesia and planet.

What we are asking Tokopedia to do

We’re asking Tokopedia to make a pledge to source their electricity from clean sources just like other leading tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, Apple. Tokopedia can take its position as market and thought leader by using electricity that comes from clean sources and become carbon neutral by 2050 - being one of the first Indonesian companies to do so.

What do K-Pop and Climate Justice have in common?

K-Pop fans have been on the forefront of social justice initiatives for a long time. Think about the times when the fans rid twitter of hate by drowning out racist hashtags and when they educated people on cultural appropriation. Now it’s time for K-Pop fans to come together for the planet. K-Pop fans are unstoppable when they come together and with one voice can reach the previously unreachable.

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