KPop4Planet (hereafter ‘we’ or ‘us’) take your privacy seriously and would advise you to read this Privacy Notice closely. This Privacy Notice sets out how your personal data will be processed / controlled by us under Korean law or UK GDPR law, as applicable.

We collect basic personal information from visitors to this website through information that your browser sends to us that is called Log Data. This Log Data may include information such as your computer’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, browser version, pages of our Service that you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on those pages, and other statistics.

We may also process your personal data that you provide directly to us through online forms or when you email us or the joint data controller (under UK GDPR laws) for the email petition function of this website, 89up.

1. Information the Users Provide to Us

KPop4Planet collects the following information from the users. Of them all, de-identified data are personal information that cannot be linked with specific users. It is collected and treated in methods different from that for personally identifiable information.

  • De-identified data: age, sex/gender, region, date of access, access path and others

2. Purpose for the Collection of Personal Information

KPop4Planet collects and treats the users’ personal information for the following purposes. Collected personal information will not be used for any other purposes unless it is specified. When modifying the purposes, we will ask for consent or take any other necessary actions.

  • Uses of collected de-identified data are to develop new contents, to provide personalized service and service based on demographic characteristics, to publish the advertisement, to validate service availability, to provide information on promotional events as well as an opportunity for participation, to identify the frequency of access, to make statistics on the users’ service usage, to prevent the collection of information from children under the age of 14, to prevent fraudulent use or abuse.
  • Complaints procedure: claimant identity verification, complaint identification, a notice of investigation, notification of result

3. Method of Collection

Personal data may be collected when you contact us through the Contact Us page or sign an email petition. When using our service, generated information may be collected through log analysis, and information gained from cookies and others may be collected automatically.

4. Installation and Operation of Cookies

A cookie is a very small text file to be stored on your computer, smartphone, or other devices when visiting a website. A cookie contains a small amount of information about activity record on a relevant website. Cookies are used for providing a user-friendly environment and do not harm your computer.

  • Purpose of cookie installation: we uses sessions and cookies to provide personalized service and improve user satisfaction by analyzing the users’ frequency of access, visit time and service usage pattern. In addition, cookies are served to encourage participation in promotional events and target marketing.

5. Rejection of Cookie Installation and Deletion of Cookies

The users have the right whether to install cookies through browser settings as below.

  • Allow all cookies
  • Check cookies every time they are saved
  • Block all cookies

Please refer to the links provided below for details about setting options for the installation and deletion of cookies.

If a user rejects the installation of cookies, it may cause difficulties in using the parts of services that need a log-in.

6. Transfers to Third Parties

KPop4Planet treats the users’ personal information to the extent specified and provides personal information to a 3rd party only if there is the user’s consent or an appropriate legal obligation. We will go through procedures of obtaining user consent if any exceptional circumstances, such as holding promotional events, occur when operating the service.

KPop4Planet currently commissions 89up Ltd as an external professional company to process personal information or data and to act as a joint data controller for personal data obtained through their Start A Fire email petition tool [ see: ]. We will inform users through this Privacy Notice if there are any changes and obtain user consent if necessary on account of applicable laws.

When making an agreement with external professional companies processing personal information, we states relevant matters such as restriction on processing personal information for purposes other than assigned duties, technological and administrative protection, restriction on re-commission to another external professional company, management and supervision over subcontractors, compensation and other responsibilities in the document, and supervises if subcontractors process personal information safely.

If details of external commissions or subcontractors are modified, we will notice such modification on this Privacy Policy without delay.

7. Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information

We retain and use the users’ personal information to provide the service while they use our service. The users’ personal information will be disposed of if purposes of collection and use are achieved, or a user requests for its deletion (permanent deletion of the data; the data in hard copies will be physically destroyed).

We prevent abuse or misuse of the users’ rights and can store the users’ personal information for 1 year after termination of the users’ contract as a measure of precaution against recurring dispute of personal information infringement/defamation and assistance to a criminal investigation.

If any information is to be retained in accordance with Consumer Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations for commercial law and e-commerce, we will retain personal information for the period as required by those laws and regulations.

8. Procedure and Method of Disposal of Personal Information

In principle, the user’s personal information will be disposed of immediately after the purposes of its collection and use have been achieved without delay.

If personal information with user consent is to be retained after the period of retention or achievement of collection purposes in accordance with other relevant laws and regulations, applicable personal information will be transferred to a separate database or retained in different facilities.

9. Users’ Rights and Obligations

Users can execute the following personal information protection rights at any time.

  • Access request for personal information
  • Request for correction of any errors
  • Request for deletion
  • Request for suspension of treatment

The users can execute their rights for the above matters via email, and we will take immediate actions without delay.

If a user requested correction or deletion of errors in personal information, relevant personal information will not be used or provided until correction or deletion will be completed.

The users must not commit infringement of personal information and privacy of the user themselves or others by violating relevant laws and ordinances such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection and Personal Information Protection Act.

10. Privacy Policy for Children Under the Age of 14

We do not solicit information from children under the age of 14. However, if we do collect information from children under the age of 14 at any circumstance, their legal representative(s) can withdraw consent on collection, use and provision of the children’s personal information, and request access to personal information provided by the relevant children and correction of errors.

If the legal representatives of the members under the age of 14 request access and proof on the landline or in a written statement, we inspects whether the people who requested access and proof are truly the legal representatives by asking for submission of the power of attorney, certificate of personal seal impression, and copies of the requesting party and legal representatives’ ID cards verifying the principal-agent relationship.

11. Security of Your Information

We take the following measures to assure the security of personal information.

  • Administrative measures: Establishment and enforcement of the internal management plan, regular employee training
  • Technical measures: Access authority management for information processing system and others, PIN encryption, security program installation, etc.
  • Physical measures: Archive access control

12. Responsible Privacy Officer

The user can report any complaint on privacy policy while using our service to the Chief Privacy Officer or the responsible department using 

13. Remedy on Infringement of Rights and Interests

The users can consult the following organizations about infringement of personal information and its remedy. The following organizations are independent of our involvement. Please consult them if our complaint handling or remedy on the infringement of personal information is not satisfactory or if more detailed support is required.

  • Personal Information Infringement Report Center (operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)
    • responsibilities: personal information infringement report, consultation request
    • Website:
    • Phone: 118
    • Address: (58324) Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), 9 Jinheung-gil, Naju, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
  • Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)
    • responsibilities: petition for personal information dispute mediation, collective dispute mediation (civil remedy)
    • website:
    • Phone: 1833-6972
    • Address: Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee, 4th floor, Central Government Complex, 209 209 Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Cybercrime Investigation Department: 02-3480-3571 ( )
  • Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau: 182 ( )
  • Online Privacy Association (OPA) Privacy: 02-550-9531~2 ( )

14. Exceptions for the Application of Privacy Policy

We may provide links to other websites or data on the website. In this case, we do not have the right of control over external websites and data, and our privacy policy does not apply to their collection of personal information. Therefore, please inform yourself of the privacy policies of 3rd parties responsible for the external website once you have visited by clicking links provided by us.

We also collect and process de-identified data through external services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google to provide personalized information and a better user experience. Each service provider’s privacy policy applies to these cases.

  • Use of Facebook Marketing Services
    • This website uses Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel service. This tool enables the tracking of user activity after the users click on a Facebook advertisement link and are transferred to the service provider’s website. Therefore, the effectiveness of Facebook advertisements, including re-delivery of the same advertisement, may be recorded for statistical and market research purposes.
    • Collected information will be stored anonymously. Thus, we cannot check individual users’ personal information. However, Facebook will store and process collected information. Facebook can link your Facebook account to data, and use such data for advertising purposes in accordance with Facebook’s Data Policy ( ).
    • Facebook’s conversion tracking also allows Facebook and Facebook’s partners to show advertisements to you on Facebook and other places. In addition, cookies will be stored on your computer for such a purpose. If you would like to withdraw your consent, please visit


  • Use of LinkedIn Marketing Services
    • This website utilizes LinkedIn’s conversion tracking service. This tool enables the tracking of user activity after the users click on a LinkedIn advertisement link and are transferred to the service provider’s website. Therefore, the effectiveness of LinkedIn advertisements, including re-targeting of the same advertisement, may be recorded for statistical and market research purposes. Collected information will be stored anonymously meaning we cannot check individual users’ personal information.
  • Use of Google Marketing Services
    • In order to improve our users’ experience, we may use Google Analytics and Google Ads features such as Remarketing, DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration, Google Display Network Impression Reporting and/or Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting.
    • Information collected by our cookies will not personally identify you. It does, however, identify your computer and connection to the Internet. We only collect general information about your computer settings, connection to the Internet (e.g. operating system and platform), IP address, browsing patterns, and interactions within our Website.
    • We may use Remarketing with Google Analytics to advertise online. Third party vendors, including Google, may show our ads on various sites across the internet. They may also use cookies set by the Google Display Advertising Features to inform, optimise and determine which ads you see on our Website, including ads based on previous visits to our Website.
    • With regards to the Google Display Network Impression Reporting and the DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration, we and any third party vendors, including Google, may use cookies set by the Google Display Advertising Features to analyse and report on ads used within our Website including, but not limited to, impressions created by the ads and how these interact with other ad features and services.
    • With regards to Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting, we may use data from Google’s Interest-based advertising and/or third party audience data (e.g. age, gender and interests) with Google Analytics to target and optimise our marketing campaigns, strategies and our Website content.

Supplementary Rules

If the Privacy Policy is modified, we will make a public notice by posting on the website's home page or sending emails at least 7 days prior to the date when such modification will be effective. However, if there is any modification affecting users’ rights, such as collection and use of personal information, and provision of personal information to a 3rd party, we will make a public notice at least 14 days prior to the date when such modification will be effective.

This policy was last updated on 21st April 2021.